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Cisco Simulator
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Welcome to Routerlabs. I started this website during my CCIE studies to help others with basic configuration of Cisco routers. Nobody want's to start each lab session by configuring IP addresses on interfaces, right? I passed my exam in October 2009 and became CCIE #25603. From time to time I add some more configuration for routers. The labs use dynamips or GNS3 as a simulator. You find the .net file with the router layout and the configurations for each lab. Please do not ask for IOS images. If you do not have an image buy one from Cisco.


09. August 2011
New Configurations
For the 3 routers back to back topology I have uploaded new basic configurations for some routing protocols, including the IPv6 protocols.

28. December 2010
New Topology
The new topology shows 3 routers connected back to back as a trianlge.

21. June 2010
Tutorial RIPv2 Offset Lists
A new tutorial is online. learn how to manipulate RIP metrics with offset lists.

21. February 2010
New Basic Configurations available
For the 2 routers ethernet back-to-back minilab I made basic EIGRP and RIPv2 configurations available: click here

16. February 2010
IPv4 ends soon
Today two more /8 networks have been assigned to a RIR. The networks 50/8 and 107/8 have been given to ARIN. There are just 22 network blocks left. It is time to implement IPv6 in all networks.

20. October 2009
CCIE #25603
I passed my lab on October 1st in Brussels. Most of my study material I post here on this website for all other candidates to learn from. I used this little labs for learning the technologies in isolated scenarios.

02. August 2008
Tutorial on OSPF Redistribution
This new tutorial shows simple redistribuiton of connected interfaces into OSPF. How to manipulate the metric and the metric-type of OSPF external routes can be learned here.

New tutorial:OSPF Redistribution

16. April 2008
Training Lab online
The new lab with 4 routers and 3 Switches in online. You ca use the lab for testing and learning Ethernet, Frame-Relay and Serial lines.

New labs online: 4 Routers 3 Switches

03. Feb. 2008
First Frame Relay Lab online
The first Frame Relay lab is online. It is a hub and spoke topology.

New lab online: Frame Relay Hub and Spoke

04. Januar 2008
What to use dynamips for
Dynamips simulates Cisco hardware on PCs. There are versions for Windows, Linux and MacOS. You need an IOS image from Cisco. The image will be started in the simulator and you get the feeling of using a real Cisco router. Ethernet, Frame Relay and ATM lines can be simulated. Do not expect the real bandwidth or perfomance from this lines. Dynamips helps you to do the logical testing of your network, it is not about performance.

Many candidates for CCNA, CCNP or CCIE use Dynamips to prepare for the exam.


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